Friday, February 8, 2013


Announcement and Notes:
☞ MT PT (Term 2 Week 2) !!
☞Start filing the following files
 - Biotechnology File (Blue SST ring file)
 - Maths File (Yellow Arch File)
 - SS File (Green SST ring file) 
☞English Group podcast due the THURSDAY AFTER CNY
☞Bio Podcast
__________________________________________________________________ ___
 Things happening DURING the CNY
1) Geography homework by Tuesday 2359
2) Try to complete English Group Podcast 
3)After today's math test, WE NEED TO STUDY FOR LEVEL TEST 
4)OBS reflection

Things happening on Wednesday
1)Maths Indices [Worksheet A02a]
2)Biology Unit 2: Till page 3+Podcast
3) Source base case study page 3 question (a),(b),(d) on foolscap paper
4)Chinese WB +Revise how to write 报账读后感 

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Please click read more ^~^ ⇓ (for more info)

1) English 
---> English File : Blue ring file 
  1) ENGLISH GROUP VIDCAST ! (Garage-band/iMovie)

Title: Your given title (Documentary?)
 1) Background (Indicate whether is the topic sentence)
 2) Clear Narration
 3) You should appear in the podcast/video
 4) Add APPROPRIATE music
 5) Cite your sources using APA format
Details must be cohesive, relevant and developed!

Independent learning log !
Click HERE

English Extensive reading program (Term 2 Week1)
Click HERE

2) Maths
A Maths File:Yellow Arch File
E Maths File:Orange Arch File
1) Complete page 141 A02a [Indices Revision] 
2) Study for level test ! 

3) Biology
Biology File: Pink Plastic File (Practical) & Pink Ring File (all other worksheets)
1)Unit 2 Biology Worksheet page 3 and a PODCAST !
Read page 3 for more info about the podcast!


4) Chemistry
Chemistry File:Orange Ring File & Orange Plastic 

1) Chem WB Elements ,Compound Mixtures Pg 17-22
2) Chem ECM ws pg 2 ,5 and 9
[On page 9,complete the table of compounds and mixtures]
3)Upload your table and diagram up to S3-01 presentation slides.
4)At the back of your Element,Compound and Mixtures activity worksheet draw a table + diagram together .

5) Level Test 1 Topics.
- Lab Apparatus & Experimental Techniques
- Seperation Techniques
- Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
- Kinetic Particle Theory
- Atomic Structure

5) HCL
Mother Tongue File: Purple Ring File
1)HCL workbook Page 1-16

6) Geography
Geography File:Red Ring File

1)Geography Assignment due next TUESDAY 2359 [Edmodo Website]

7) SS
SS file : Green Ring File 
1)Source base case study page 3 question (a),(b),(d) on foolscap paper

8) Biotechnology
  9) Others: --
OBS Reflection

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