Thursday, February 7, 2013

CNY Celebrations Tomorrow!

Announcement and Notes:
☞ MT PT (Term 2 Week 2) !!
☞Start filing the following files (actually you should start filing all your files...)
 - Biotechnology File (Blue SST ring file)
 - Maths File (Yellow Arch File)
 - SS File (Green SST ring file) 
☞English Group podcast due the WEDNESDAY AFTER CNY
__________________________________________________________________ ___
Things happening on FRIDAY 
1) Post-OBS reflection 
2) Start on AA group Podcast
3) 综合天空 for normal chinese
4) Partial Fractions WS A01G
5)Bring Maths file
~>Yellow file for A maths
~>Orange file for E maths
______________________________________________________________________ __
Please click read more ^~^ ⇓ (for more info)

1) English 
---> English File : Blue ring file 
ENGLISH GROUP VIDCAST ! (Garage-band/iMovie)
Title: Your given title (Documentary?)
 1) Background (Indicate whether is the topic sentence)
 2) Clear Narration
 3) You should appear in the podcast/video
 4) Add APPROPRIATE music
 5) Cite your sources using APA format
Details must be cohesive, relevant and developed!

Independent learning log !
Click HERE

English Extensive reading program (Term 2 Week1)
Click HERE

2) Maths
A Maths File:Yellow Arch File
E Maths File:Orange Arch File
Revise for level tests!
Worksheet A01G (Partial Fractions) 
All questions except (b) and (f)

3) Biology
Biology File: Pink Plastic File (Practical) & Pink Ring File (all other worksheets)

4) Chemistry
Chemistry File:Orange Ring File & Orange Plastic 
Send your presentation to
1) Chem WB Pg 17-22
2) Chem ECM ws pg 2 and 5
3) Level Test 1 Topics.
- Lab Apparatus & Experimental Techniques
- Seperation Techniques
- Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
- Kinetic Particle Theory
- Atomic Structure

4) Chemistry WB : Element, Compound and Mixtures. Page 17 -24


-->TB  Pg 31&32 (On fool scap)

(All MCQs & Structured qn ONE only)

5) HCL
Mother Tongue File: Purple Ring File
HCL workbook
Complete everything

6) Geography
Geography File:Red Ring File
Geography Assignment due next TUESDAY 2359

7) SS
SS file : Green Ring File 
Lesson Package page 8,9,16

8) Biotechnology

  9) Others: --The A4 Drawing thing of your name thing :/
-Sign Form

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