Duty Roster

Monday: Ian, Allen, Dominic, Jun Wei, Darren

Tuesday: Yong Hong, Ruo Song, Jia En, Jing Jie, Sean

Wednesday: Dylan, Nicholas Lee, Dhruti, Benjamin, Patrick

Thursday: Cassandra, Jiajun, Nicholas Kuu, Ming Yi,

Friday: Yong Lin, Rhea, Devanshi, Edwin, Shiying

Please take note of the duties each person has to do. You may choose to arrange among yourselves or go by the order listed below. COME ON GUYS WE WANT TO BE THE CLEANEST CLASS EVER :D

  1. Write the date on the whiteboard 
  2. Wipe the board 
  3. Wipe the board 
  4. Update the homework board at the back of the class at the end of every lesson
  5. Ensure the class is clean at the end of the day (This includes the area above the cupboards!)

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