Friday, March 7, 2014

TGIF end of level test :D

Term 1 Week 10 (soon)☺

chem spa soon

  7 March 14

Announcement and Notes: 


HOMEWORKK TGIF due on mondayy
1)Study for SS level test !!
2)Do we wear our S&W?
3)Complete the chem titration practice and level test
4)Answer the 'I used to think......... now i think..'in english fb grp
5)Chem quizzz see your sst email


1) English
3 pieces of homework
1)Single piece POD ws; pick one topic and write a paragraph on it
2)Project Ace: choose a topic and write any essay on it
3)Conclusions expressing opinion directly/indirectly ws activity 1,2 3(or isit page 1,2,3 ) sorryidk :((
2) Math
Vectors ws page 32,33 tierb

3) Biology
whole of worksheet 12
-including page 9 experiment planning
4) Chemistry

5) MT'
-File, notebook, outstanding hw , email
6) Geography  
7) SS
watch video in google +
Google+ activities
 8) Biotechnology
-keep on recording impt stuff for logbook :D

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