Thursday, August 15, 2013


Term 3 Week 7☺

1 August 13

Announcement and Notes: 

Chinese Level Test 

Assemble in classroom

 Lessons on thursday
Math, SS, EL, Geo, Math
1) Math
-> Practice math qn :D

2) SS

3) EL
->Complete essay outline

4) Geog
-> Read through the tb
-> "The entire class will be expected to turn up at Seminar Room, 3-4pm on Thursday (15 August). We will go through the June Holiday HW then. Please be there as the skills discussed will be useful for your Level Test Preparation."

5) Be prepared for level test ^^

1) English

->Distinction in EL page 98 Ex 1 [6 August]
->Plan an outline in the "environmental ws"  given (write as many points as possible)

->Bring Editing book

2) Math

-> Bring TYS and Graphic Calculator

3) Biology
-> WB

4) Chemistry
-> Revise
->Do the Chem worksheet given out !
-> Week 8 Practical [Acid and Bases and Mol Calculation]

-> HCL compre and summary

6) Geography  
-> Geography Climate WS (Tuesday)

7) SS
3.3.1 [abc] due Tuesday
Activity 9 of Healthcare

 8) Biotechnology

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