Thursday, March 14, 2013

TODAY IS PI DAY 3.14 ^~^

T1W10 ☺
Rest well and do maths !
Announcement and Notes:
☞Start on MT PT!!

☞Start on Geography PT
☞Start on Chemistry PT
☞Start filing everything
☞Revise and learn from level test 1 papers :)
☞Start on your Extensive Reading Programme
☞Look out for March Holiday Homework
☞As a class, we should be more serious and less playful!
Eng , Maths Biotech, MTL
Things happening on Friday
1) English Draft 2 for Level Test 1 exposition 
2) Group podcast (Edit your podcast ,grp reflection as one post)
2) Biotech Microbial ws is you still have not handed up ==
3) E math file !
4)Complete the bio experiment planning 
5)Chinese File

Please click read more !!!! ⇓
English File : Blue ring file 

1) Independent learning log !
Click HERE


T1W1 ----> +1

T1W3 ----> +2

OBS Podcast

T1W5 ----> +3

T1W6 ----> +4

T1W8 ----> +5

1) ILL Contents page update
2) ILL Comments on “Plus one”
3) ILL T1W10 due Monday night

1. English Extensive reading program (Term 2 Week1)
Click HERE
2. Edit Podcast, Script , Reflection [in one post ]
3.  Vacation 3Hr ILL based on Level Test Essay Evaluation
4.  Present Perfect Comprehension Practice

5.  Level Test Composition 2nd Draft [same topic]

6.  Composition – Plan plus Essay (2nd Qn)

7.  Extended Reading Programme (T2W1)

8) Chemistry Performance task due T2W2
9. Chemistry Bonding WS. Pg  12-17 (T2Wk1 Tues)
10) Chemistry Bonding WB pg31-40 

2) Maths

A Maths File:Yellow Arch File

E Maths File:Orange Arch File

3) Biology
Biology File: Pink Plastic File (Practical) & Pink Ring File (all other worksheets)


4) Chemistry

Chemistry File:Orange Ring File & Orange Plastic 
March Holiday Homework
1) Workbook Page 32-39
2) Chemistry ws page 12-untill finish the ws
3) Mini quiz coming up after march holidays 
Mother Tongue File: Purple Ring File
File check on Thursday

6) Geography

Geography File:Red Ring File
1)Update your POPPLET
2)Go sst email and do the reflection and ask parents to sign on paper
Geography File Check (Print everything that is listed under the geography tab in the googlesites!) MONDAYY


7) SS

SS file : Green Ring File 

8) Biotechnology

Update and answer questions on Logbook
1) Microbial Worksheet 2
2)Biotech Logbook

  9) Others:

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