Thursday, January 10, 2013

Homework 1/10/2013

Ellos :D

1.2nd Passage using the four features of paragraph
2. Make an A4 Paper for your name and pics of what you like

Pg 23,24,25
Please post 2 different pictures of functions and non function on the maths blog :D

 HCL: (Although no MT tmr)
Complete your 习字 on foolscap paper 

Complete your drawing worksheet :D

Gentle Reminders for everyone 

1) Biology presentation about the life and death thing due on MONDAY

Check with your group leader about the different titles
Cassandra, Darren, Ian, Dominic, Nicholas Lee

2) Biotech Debate in 2 weeks time
Please prepare because it is GRADED

3) Biotech Quiz (Friday)

4) SS diagnostic about the rise of Venice
17 January exactly ONE WEEK LATER

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